9th /10th class Physics all numerical solved in pdf download
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9th / 10th class physics numerical pdf download:

The Punjab textbook board Lahore issued a 9th class physics book for the students of 9th class in which PTB discusses all the basic concepts of physics and take the exercise of each chapter for the practices of the students.

The first chapter of 9th physics (Unit 1 Physical Quantities and Measurement) in which discuss all the concepts of the measurements, standard parameters, also discusses how the different quantities can be measured.

These numerical of physics discuss all the concepts and solve numerical of all the chapter separately

How to get full marks in physics numerical either you are in 9th or 10th class.

Here are some fundamental key tips that can help you for achieving excellent marks in physics in board exams and achieve full marks in numerical physics.

Make your mind and trust in yourself

The first thing is that some students think they cannot achieve good marks in physics because there is some technical solution of numerical. Do not be fear first of all you trust in your abilities you can do everything Insha’Allah

How you can prepare yourself for achieving good marks in physics numerical

First of all, read the title of the chapter and read some basic concepts of that chapter and write separately all formulas of that chapter in a separate page and then read 2nd chapter and write all down formulas of that chapter and remember it with full confidence.


Then you should follow the paper scheme of physics  which is notified the Punjab board committee or your board exam you should also visit your board like( bise Lahore, bise Multan, bise Sahiwal, bise DG khan, bise Bahawalpur, Bise Faisalabad, bise Gujranwala, bise Rawalpindi)

How to solve paper or numerical in board exams.

Here are some tips you should carefully read these tips to get full marks in physics and got excellent marks in numerical physics.

1        1) First, you read the paper with full attention and care.

2        2) Read two to three times the question paper and then solve it.

3                  3)first, you solve all the shorts questions of each portion of the paper

4                   4)Solve that numerical which include in your short question portion.

5                  5)Then solve the long question of paper

6                 6)Again, read the numerical which include in your long question portion              of the paper

7       7)Follow these steps to solve numerical which is discussed below

How to solve numerical / style to solve numerically

First, you should read the statement of the numerical and underline all the variables and parameters.

Then go for a solution

1st heading writes


2nd heading writes


3rd heading


4th heading


5th heading

Results or answer

After writing these 5-heading steps you should be able to get full marks in numerical physics


          Vi = 40m/s

             t = 5s

            S1 = Vxt

             S1 = 40x5

                = 200m


               S1 =?


                            S1 = Vxt


                  S1 = Vxt

             S1 = 40x5

                = 200m



           Practice make a man perfect:

Practice, practice, and again practice because practices make a man perfect you should practice numerical on daily basis then you achieve a high score in physics and got excellent marks in numerical of physics.

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