Complete Essay on covid-19 in English for 10th & 12th class.

You have been confused about the wrong coronavirus information. here is the Complete Essay on covid-19 in English for the 10th & 12th class Some information and details are true, but some are wrong and misleading. So here we are discussing the summary sticking with true and real facts about Covid-19.

Complete Essay on covid-19 in English for 10th & 12th class
Complete Essay on covid-19 in English for 10th & 12th class

 The coronavirus that virus affects not only you but the whole family of your affection, and it is called the family of viruses that have small spots and dark spots that appear on the surface of the skin. You cannot know about other types of coronavirus. One type is the SARS coronavirus, and that kind was known in 2002. The second type of virus was the MERS coronavirus, with a known virus in 2012. there are many kinds of other types of virus, but special names cannot be given, and they just called the common or sample cold virus. the disease which causes coronavirus disease 2019 was first reported. The short form is COVID-19 19. Bats consider a natural carrier for many viruses, so the virus can replicate inside the body of the bat without making any damage and sick and then they pass the virus to other animals and then from animal to finally it passed on to humans. 


What conditions happen in Wuhan just imagine, when it was just first reported and discover in China. After the first human was infected by the virus, the virus got passed from one human to another by people coughing and sneezing and feel sick. Do you know that in one cough it can spread 3000 small droplets that can go around it? If you used smacked in the face by someone's cough, you could spread it the direct transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19___0 19. But if it in the air, the virus stays floating up to a minimum of 3 hours. If it lands on a box, a cardboard box, or any other place it can remain there about 24 hours. And it transfers on to plastic, for 2 to 3 days. when you get in touch with the virus and you rub and touch your face and surely you infected by the virus COVID-19. What happens next if you infected and transfer it into your body just imagine?


When any virus specially covid-19 enters the body, it uses our body proteins, looks like a crown, and finally enters our cells. Our body proteins are like a key that unlocks receptors the outside of the cell. We believe that it affects specially our lungs that coronavirus used to get inside our cells. When a virus enters our body, it then releases its RNA, its genetic material, and genetic code, and it tricks your cells into making many copies of the parental virus. So your cells, not your cell it becomes a factory that produces thousands of different copies of viruses without you knowing it.


Now we discuss the symptoms of COVID-19. Here are some symptoms of the virus the most common and well-known symptoms are high fever, sore throat, cough, some difficulty, and shortness of breath. People which admitted into the hospital, only about 43% of them suffering from fever. These are less common symptoms of coronavirus are vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration in about 3-5% of people. Which measures are you taken that is no meeting with people stay at home, don't panic and take tension just relax and pick up your cell phone and call your doctor, you have not to need to go out sitting in your home and waiting rooms instead of using public transportation and become the cause of spreading that virus everywhere? Just prevent yourself from other people in your house from fever and sick. the most focused thing is to care for and monitor yourself from symptoms and see if anything is getting worse.


 Number one precaution is washing your hands with soap and any kind of sanitizer many times a day. The minimum time of washing hands 20 seconds. number two and the main precaution is social distancing minimum 6 feet distance is necessary. The distance is 6 feet between you from any other person else or 2 meters, but it does not mean or take any kind of concept you isolate yourself. make sure some distance to friends, family. We have very amazing and wonderful technology use it to see videos play games to talk with your friend online. I know if we isolate ourselves and stay home there is a financial issue. I just want to say thank you if you stay home. Is It being necessary you Should be wearing a mask on your face when you go outside for any purpose? The World Health Organization (WHO) says that if you are healthy and feel good and you have no kind of symptoms, you don't need a mask on your face. A face mask is only used for those people who have symptoms of COVID-19 19. Personally, when I go outside for any purpose, I cannot use face a mask. I only used and wear a pair of thin gloves on hand, so that if I touch any doorknobs then I use the gloves instead of hands.


 The treatment of COVID-19 19 is the only vaccine. Scientists are trying and working on it to come up with a new vaccine of COVID-19 19. because China early on which know about the virus in details and china have fast technology. I hope so china able to sequence the genes within the virus and share it with the whole world internationally, we have discussed COVID-19 19 in detail and covered everything. The most important is that each person and citizen playing our important parts:   Washing hands, keeping some social distancing almost 6 feet to stop and spread it, slow it down and downfall that curve. At the end of this essay, I only say each person plays their role to save the society and community from COVID-19.