How to Apply  Foreign Scholarship/ Fully funded Scholarship/Chines Govt scholarship.


Different countries of the world offer different types of Scholarships.

Here we provide web links to some famous scholarships so that you can see the details of related scholarships through website links.
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How to apply/ procedure:

To apply for any scholarship, you first need an acceptance letter from a professor from any university in this country. This way, whenever you plan to apply for a scholarship, you will first check this scholarship. Offering a specific institution or providing a direct university.

In either case, you must choose the the university that suits your subject

And by contacting one of the professors at this university through e-mail to get an acceptance letter.

You then have to fill out the scholarship application form which is usually online while in some specific scholarship cases all the relevant documents have to be sent by post.

A relevant website is provided to apply for a China Government Scholarship.


The following documents are usually required to apply for the scholarship

     1.Copy of educational credentials/documents

     2.   Copy of passport

    3.   Copy of Acceptance letter

    4.   Recommendation letter from your university

    5.   English proficiency certificate

     6.   Scholarship Application form

     7.   Medical Reports

     8.   Research proposal /plan

     9.   Copies of research paper

    10.      Curriculum vitae (CV)

    11.   Supportive documents

    12.    Training certificate.

As in other countries, China is of the utmost importance of an acceptance letter from a university professor to obtain a scholarship. Without it, it is almost impossible to get a scholarship.

You can e-mail a professor who is related to your subject, e-mail a teacher in the same department at a time, and usually wait a few days, usually a week, for their response, and then contact another professor.

Important Notice:

It has been noted that many students e-mail a lot of professors at the same time, which sometimes leads to three or five acceptance letters, but eventually scholarships. In case of reunion, a student can go to only one professor, while other professors do not like this habit. The effect is on the students who contact for acceptance letter next year. Mails are not taken seriously. Some students manage to get more than one scholarship Other universities should inform the professor of their decision as soon as possible so that they can give the opportunity to other students from the waiting list keeping in view their situation.

Last date to apply:

Deadline for submission of applications to most Chinese universities are February & March last dates.

Or the International Office of the relevant university can be contacted for more information


To apply for the China Scholarship Council Scholarship, the relevant university must submit its application form online or hard copy.

For more information, contact the International Office of the University.

The website of almost all Chinese universities is in Chinese. It is almost impossible to understand, so if you open the web page of any university, Google chrome when you click on the Translate option, search for email ad races for different departments and teachers of the university.

Facebook and Google in China these are websites blocked by the government. However, some features of Google and Google are out of Chinese. Almost all Pakistani students use Google and Facebook in China. When you reach China after receiving a scholarship, you also know the procedure. Will be aware of.

We have tried to provide some basic information about the scholarship to the students on our own. Of course, there is room for improvement. We will be waiting for your positive suggestions.

All information contained in this article has been published in good faith for the public good.


The authors and the Website are not affiliated with any Scholarship Provider, so we will not be liable for any financial loss.

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