These are the question which should be taken from the interview and last papers of police and ASI screening test:

1.       Which Arab country launch the first Mars probe.
                           Ans:     UAE
2.       Total number of doors of masjid e haram
                      Ans:  Twenty-five (25)
3.       Which newspaper first used the title “Quaid-e-Azam”.
                    Ans: Dawn daily
4.       The name of Quaid-e-Azam's first wife.
                    Ans: EMIBAI
5.       When did the Baluchistan state decide to become part of Pakistan?
                    Ans: 14 Oct 1955
6.       Where Faiz Mahal located in Pakistan
                    Ans: Khair Pur
7.       In which city of Pakistan Noor mahal located
                    Ans: Bahawalpur
8.       The rainiest city of Pakistan
                    Ans: murre
9.       Full abbreviation of NADRA
                    Ans: national database and registration authority
10.   When ibn- Battuta visited Sindh
                    Ans: 1434
11.   Name of capital which is the second most beautiful.
                    Ans: Islamabad
12.   The name of a province that has no desert.
                    Ans:  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK
13.   In which year Qadiani declared non-MUSLIM
                    Ans: 1974
14.   In which year first census of the subcontinent occurred
                    Ans: 1881
15.   Name of that sultan who builds Char Minar.
                    Ans: sultan Muhammad Quli Qutab shah
16.   Name of that prime minister who is hanged to death the first time?
                    Ans: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
17.   Valley of flowers calls which city of Pakistan.
                    Ans:  Peshawar
18.   Which person designed the flag of Pakistan?
                    Ans: Amir Uddin Kidwai
19.   Name of that person who invented the two-nation theory in the Subcontinent.
                    Ans: Syed Ahmad khan
20.   Hottest city of Pakistan
                    Ans: Jacobabad
21.   Which Muslim leader joined the Muslim league in 1924?
                    Ans: Liaqat Ali khan
22.   Which mosque is the national mosque of Pakistan?
                    Ans:  Faisal mosque
23.   Which party got the second position in the general election 2013?
                    Ans: Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf PTI
24.   Very low turnout saw in which year of election.
                    Ans: 1997
25.   Write the complete date of Benazir Bhutto born
                    Ans: 21 June 1953
26.   The name of that jail in Rawalpindi.
                    Ans: Adiala jail
27.   Which person open the Muslim league branch in London?
                    Ans: Syed Amir Ali
28.   Which has the British governor has done the first census in India?
                    Ans: lord mayo
29.   In which year Kashmir sold
                    Ans: 1846
30.   Maluna Muhammad Qasim first principal of
                    Ans: Darul alum Deoband
31.   Which society situated in Gazipur?
                    Ans: scientific society
32.   Name of that tribe which is situated in western Baluchistan.
                    Ans: Hansi tribe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
33.   Operation “rad ul fasad” started in Pakistan which year.
                    Ans: 22nd Feb 2017
34.   In which act of Pakistan FIA is working
                    Ans: FIA act 1974
35.   When AYOUB khan made a new constitution
                    Ans: 1962
36.   When the current constitution launch in PAKISTAN
                    Ans: 14th august 1973
37.   Name of Muslim first commander in chief of Pak navy
                    Ans: admiral Muhammad Siddique
38.   US ambassador which died in Pakistan in a plane crash
                    Ans: Arnold Lewis Raphel
39.   Name of that proposed dam which is constructed on the swat river.
                    Ans: Mohmand dam
40.   The oldest medical the university is in Punjab Pakistan.
                    Ans:  King Edward medical university
41.   When the old name of Faisalabad was changed
                    Ans: 1977
42.   Who is Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi?
                    Ans: 1st caretake pm
43.   In which city Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah died
                    Ans: Karachi
44.   The second name of Pakistan resolution was.
                    Ans: Lahore resolution
45.   Name of that Qila which is in Lahore.
                    Ans: Shahi Qila
46.   The title of “bab-ul-Islam” linked which province of Pakistan.
                    Ans: Sindh
47.   Which capital is located near marghla hills?
                    Ans: Islamabad
48.   Which country has 49 words of the national anthem?
                    Ans: Pakistan
49.   The name of that fort in Khairpur Sindh.
                    Ans: kot diji fort
50.   Lahore fort was built by.
                    Ans: Akbar
51.   M11 motorway meets which cities.
                    Ans: Sialkot and Lahore
52.   Which minor is situated in Allama Iqbal Park Lahore
                    Ans: Minar-e-Pakistan
53.   When the masjid nabvi built
                    Ans: 1st A.H Rabi-ul-awl
54.   How many hadith collected imam Buhari?
                    Ans: six lacs
55.   Which battle give the title Yom ul furqan?
                    Ans: Yom ul Badar
56.   The distance between Madina and ohad
                    Ans: three miles
57.   Sindh provenance divided into
                    Ans: 29 districts
58.   When sui gas discovered
                    Ans: 1952
59.   Which Pakistani film won the best award in the US?
                    Ans: lama
60.   When decided Delhi becomes the capital of India?
                    Ans:  1911
61.   Which country of Pakistan is famous for surgical instruments?
                    Ans: Sialkot
62.   Which famous city is located near the Sutlej river?
                    Ans:   Bahawalpur
63.   The name of the first defense minister is.
                    Ans: Liaqat Ali khan
64.   The largest country in the world based on population
                    Ans: china
65.   Which Pakistani famous poet receives a Russian award?
                    Ans: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
66.   The largest area of Punjab on the base of land
                    Ans: Bahawalpur
67.   Who was the first president of the Muslim league?
                    Ans: sir aga khan
68.   When noble prize stat
                    Ans: 1900
69.   When education day celebrate
                    Ans: 8 September
70.   The length of Pak India border in km
                    Ans: 1610 km
Asi screening test
ASI screening test